17 April, 2013

Student Led Conferences - Pictures!

We hope that you all enjoyed your time spent in the life of a Grade 1 student! Walking their halls, sitting in their seats (or on the floor!), playing their games, and getting a window into what their days look like. It brought us such joy to see how their faces swelled with pride as they led you around and
showed you what they know. 

I tried to sneak around and get pictures of everyone - I'm sure you noticed. . . I wasn't that sneaky! :) 


Lastly, thank you for the feedback that we're receiving on the Reflection papers. We're making notes to make next years' better. We're sorry the time was rushed for the amount of stations. Our time was cut back by an hour this year, compared to last year. Hopefully we can share your feedback with administration, and have a longer time next year :) 


  1. Thank you for your great pictures.
    The photos bring back lots of good memories
    and it will help us remember fun times
    we had together.
    - Mom of Katie -

  2. i give my mom and dad how to make a vegetable. i ask my mom and dad. what is it? but my mom and dad do not know. -Junho

  3. Thanks for the picture

  4. My mom and I had a good time in SLC class.
    I taught her how to make it bunny.
    My mommy looked very happy.
    Next time I wish that we will have same events again.
    Thank you Miss Katie and Ibu putri~♡
    - From Katie -

  5. We had so much fun on the SLC day...
    I was so excited to tell my Mom how to make a snowman with the play dough...
    She made it so well, excellent and really really perfect...
    I wish we can do that again...
    Thank you Mrs. Katie and Ibu Putri for the ideas...

  6. Thank you for the picture. I have a fun moment with my mom. We love math activity. We also love science activity.

  7. thank you the pictures. great time with mom.