18 February, 2013

Celebrate Reading Day

Who? The whole school!
What? Reading celebration day!
When? Wednesday the 20th

Information: On this day, all students get to wear pajamas at school! During the day, students will participate in different reading and literacy related activities. Every class will be performing a short readers theatre (I hope your child has already shown you their part and been practicing at home!). We are encouraging each student to wear a simple costume to represent their character in the nursery rhyme story “The Mystery of Humpty Dumpty’s Fall” (example: Queen of Hearts can wear a black and white dress with a red paper heart stuck to it). Don't purchase anything, just use things from home that will help reflect what character your child is. 

Please have your child come to school in this “costume” and bring pajamas in their backpack to change into after the performance.

Note: The canteen will not be open on this day, so students need to pack a lunch from home. 

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  1. Do they have to wear shoes for the pajama party? Or should they bring a slipper also? Thank u.